Arsenal vs West Brom: Embarrassed or Not, Keep Your heads Up and Move On

Where to start on this one; from the draw against Sunderland or the massive win against the spurs in midweek, from the record profits that we have made or come straight to the embarrassing defeat against the baggies at home. We were sure to get the three points yesterday, we were this much sure that the whole team thought that the goals will be given to us gift wrapped by Albion themselves and we just have to show up and have a walk in the park.

I am at a loss here as to why we perform mediocre in a match that we are supposed to win comfortably and due to which we drop points. It has happened before. Last night was the same. What do you call it? Is it Complacency, arrogance or overconfidence? Whatever it is, it’s just not acceptable at this level.

I know I am ranting over here but that’s how I feel.  The whole team barring Nasri was just a bunch of toddlers. The thing that really disappointed me was that they didn’t try to win the match before going two goals down. Is that what the team needs to wake from their slumber? It was really hurting just to watch them play like that.

The collective performance of the team was poor. There was no proper passing, no proper movement, two players making the same run, and giving away possession many times, players not doing their job, there was no width, and it was just a bloody circus. I won’t blame individuals because the whole team is responsible for the loss.

We have seen these same players perform better. Look at Song, last season he was immense. This season, he has developed the habit of going forward and thus leaves behind his place and we are caught out on the counter. He should do what he is tasked to do. Diaby, we know he has the ability, but makes things complicated. He has developed the habit of keeping the ball for far too long and his decision making has gone haywire. Sometimes he is so slow that you want to put his backside on fire so that he may run quicker.  Eboue, he is a full back, not a winger. But if he is given the role of a winger, he is employed to give us width not come infield and make the midfield jammed. Clichy’s awareness has gone on a vacation this season. Almunia, though he tries, is not consistent. Sagna, still hasn’t learned how to cross. Vela, he is good, but does not have the confidence. Arshavin, he can be brilliant and can win matches single handedly, looks uninterested for most part of the game. Nasri, though he was brilliant last night, always wakes up in the second half. Koscielny, Squillaci and Chamakh are new and we know they are world class but they have to show that in every game.

I believe in this team and I know they are world class. They just need to give their hundred percent every time they wear the club colours. They need to put up a fight in every match from start and if they lose then, there is no problem with that. But to go down without a fight is unbearable.

I won’t rate the players today because except Nasri and Wilshere everyone was below par.

The only good thing was that they at least started to play some football and fought till the end, even after we were two goals down and it was a bit late. If they had pulled their socks up earlier then it would have been a different scenario all together.

I won’t even blame Wenger for this, except you can say that he should have bought a keeper in the summer. As it stands, he chose the team he thought would be enough to notch up a win. You can argue that he underestimated the opponents and had one eye on the next games by resting key players. But if we would have won it, all would have been singing a different tune.  It was the players who displayed  and have let us and the manager down.

I really hope this was a one time performance and it will get better from here, because seriously I cannot take another performance like that. A healthy streak of wins will make us forget this.  We have to put this behind us and look forward because one match cannot decide the championship. The start that we have made we need to continue with that, leaving out yesterdays match. We need to eliminate the problems, restore our confidence and play to our strengths.

On this note, the next match against Partizan Belgrade has become much more significant. A win there will restore our confidence. A loss and we may have another bad day against Chelski.

Keep it gunning!

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