Spurs 1 – 4 Arsenal: That’s what happens for talking too loud + Ratings

The win last night at the lane was scintillating. The complete dominance of Arsenal in the first 45 minutes was just awesome to watch. The score line though didn’t reflect the match proceedings due to a few decisions that were not given in our favour. Still the amount of ball possession we had, it was just that Tottenham were not even playing, they were totally outclassed. Carling Cup or not that was one sweet performance by our team and all credit to them and also to Arsene Wenger for putting up a strong team than we have seen in recent years in the cup ties.

Although the whole team was amazing last night, a few individual performances need special mention. The foremost being Wilshere, and what a superb game he had. Controlling the game along with doing his defensive duties. He was so calm on the ball that even under pressure he had that extra second to pick a pass with perfection. It was like he had been doing this for years. The spurs finding no answer to his ability were doing a Blackburn on him and he was continuously being fouled. Still he would just get up and do his business. The cross for the first goal was perfect, the through ball to Arshavin was clever, the through ball to Gibbs, that was given offside, was intelligent. He really is improving in leaps and bounds.

Koscielny was also magnificent last night. He was everywhere and he really reads the game quite nicely. The way he tackled Lennon was world class and shows that he really is a great signing. Lansbury also started brilliantly and was involved in the game from the start. He was at the right place to score the opener; he was not afraid to take chances and was ready to shoot from range.

Nasri also showed his composure to convert the penalties in the extra time. He started slowly but stepped up a gear in the second half and was a continuous threat whenever he had the ball. Denilson also deserves a mention as he also played with authority and continuously broke the Spurs play. His shooting was way off though.

Coming to the penalties, they sure were penalties. As for Redknapp saying that the first one was a dive is ridiculous and shows that he is a complete fool.

On the goal we conceded, that was offside and it was the same linesman who had given an offside on Gibbs when he wasn’t. Two wrong decisions that may have changed the match result. Though the credit goes to Arsenal that they didn’t let the wrong decisions to alter the outcome. Still the shot from Keane was not that strong and Fabianski should have done better.

Coming to player ratings:

Fabianski: Didn’t have to do much for most parts except he had to save one shot that he didn’t. 5.5

Eboue: Struggled a bit in the beginning defensively. Was more composed as the game progressed. 6.5

Koscielny: Another stunning performance. He really is showing his class. 8

Djourou: He needs a few games under his belt. Was caught out of position a couple of times. 6

Gibbs: He had a good game. Was good going forward and defensively dominated Lennon completely. 7.5

Wilshere: MOTM. Awesome game. Enough said already. 9

Rosicky: Had a normal game. 6.5

Nasri: Slow start, improved in the second half and finished it off with two very well taken spot kicks. 7.5

Denilson: Had a wonderful game. Continuously breaking the Spurs game and getting forward and linking the play nicely. Needs to improve his shooting. 7.5

Vela: Had a quite game and looked lonely upfront. Still was trying his best. 6.5

Lansbury: Made a good start to the match and scored the first goal. Gradually disappeared towards the end. 7


Chamakh: Again good work rate, worked hard and used his strength well. 6.5

Arshavin: Did what he does best. Scored a goal even when he isn’t involved fully. 7

Clichy: Not much to rate on.

A well deserved win for us and taught the Spuds a much needed lesson, for talking too much.

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