Some People Can’t just keep quiet, New target, Koscielny and Champions League squad

The international break has stretched too far for my liking. It’s quiet out there in the Arsenal world with nothing new happening in context of football except that a few people can’t keep their mouth shut – though it doesn’t make them look good either way. You would have guessed it by now of whom I am talking. It’s none other than our be-hated Adebayor (Ade-thewhore). I don’t like to call people names but I just can’t resist myself here.

This is what he said when asked if he felt he played for a bigger club than Arsenal:

“Yeah, it does feel like that. With the great new players we’ve got we have a wonderful chance to make ­history. But it’s all about results. If we can win ten games in a row, people will class Manchester City as bigger than Arsenal”.

Now every person is entitled to his own view but I am at a loss at what’s the criterion of being called a bigger club. Is it that you have an Arab owner who spends money like its grown on trees blinded by the fact that money won’t get you anywhere, is it that you have a large number of individual players who haven’t yet learned to play as a team, is it because the team is not yet in the champions league, is it because you still compare your team with Arsenal, is it because the team makes you warm the bench and in your own words is it because you may win 10 games in a row (very unlikely to happen)………..i can go on and on over here but it won’t do any good because chaps like Adebayor don’t seem to understand. Its one thing to leave the club in the way he did and the other to be disrespectful of it. Now who knew off him before Arsenal? Who made him the player he is?  The irony is that the club which he considers to be big than Arsenal, don’t think highly of him. He was even close to leaving it this summer. I think that by saying this he wants himself to feel good even though you and I know that Man City for him was a mistake (I am not complaining) and that Man City would never be bigger than Arsenal even in a hundred years – call me biased or whatever but that’s the way it is.

The other person is Arjen Robben who has said that Tottenham are as strong as Arsenal with the signing of Van Der Vaart.

“With Rafa on board, Spurs really do have one of the very best midfield players in the Premier League, maybe even the best.I don’t know why he didn’t join Bayern in the end. I really wanted him but Spurs have bought a gem. In terms of his vision, his range of passing, his ability to split a defence and his eye for goal he is as good as Cesc Fabregas, Steven Gerrard and of course Frank Lampard. He is that bridge for Spurs that makes them go from a very good Premier League club to a team capable of taking on and beating any side in Europe on their day. Before Rafa signed, I’d still have had Arsenal down as the stronger team – but now I don’t think there is anything between them”.  more

Now I was laughing as hell when I read it. This is coming from a player who hasn’t stayed at a club for more than three years and for all his individual brilliance he is not a team player. Now no matter how good a player Van Der Vaart might be, though I don’t think he is or he would have stayed at Real Madrid, and he is a good addition in the Tottenham squad, but they are too far behind Arsenal and one average signing doesn’t make them comparable to us. And I have a feeling that this season they are not going to be in the top four as they would have to balance their Champions league outing with the premiership. Now we can only prove our superiority on the field and I have the confidence and trust in Arsenal that they will overcome them no matter what.

The thing is we will continue to hear these types of deluded statements. Last season was the same and look where Man City and Tottenham ended – they overdid themselves but still behind Arsenal. The truth is Arsenal will remain a bigger and better club even if they were to somehow win the premiership (I never want it to happen though).

Oriol Romeu: On Wengers Radar

Now on to other news. There have been a lot of players (mostly keepers) being linked with Arsenal in January transfer window. I won’t talk about any keeper till January as now for the time being I am behind Almunia and our current keepers. The thing that is pinching me is that it has been reported that Wenger is considering luring Oriol Romeu away from Barcelona. Now do we need another player from Barca, no matter how good or highly rated he is? For instance we do get him and he turns up to be good. What would be the outcome? I don’t want it to be another transfer saga like the one we experienced this summer. We are better off without the he-has-barca-dna  players.

Koscielny in action for Arsenal

There is a bit here about Laurent Koscielny settling in at Arsenal while speaking to Arsenal TV online. It’s good to hear that he has settled in quick and is comfortable in his new surroundings and working hard to perform better every day.

Arsenal have also announced the Champions League squad. A total 44 players squad on two lists, A list and B list, have been announced and players on both list are eligible for selection. You can find the squad here.

That’s all for today. We are nearing sanity as we return to regular football over the weekend and an escape from such mundane international break.

2 Responses to Some People Can’t just keep quiet, New target, Koscielny and Champions League squad

  1. ahmd nwaz says:

    bro thts gud shit u’ve done ..i appreciate tht i thnk ‘oriol’ will be a total disaster for u guys ..wenger must keep open eye towards new ‘goal keepers’ instead of ‘low rated’ players of ‘high rated’ clubs ..wat ya think!!!

    • vled says:

      I havent seen Oriol play,so i can’t say how good or bad he is though he is highly rated and many clubs are after him. As far as keepers are concerned, Wenger will have an eye out for one but till January let’s not talk about it.

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