Let’s Get Behind The Team

More than 24 hours have passed since the closing of the transfer window and all around the gooners are shocked of what has happened; rather not happened in terms of signing a new keeper. It was quite apparent from last season’s outcome that we needed to strengthen the team in certain areas. Even Wenger was off the view and he somewhat did that but a new keeper was also required. The failure of Arsenal in not signing a new keeper has left many fans deflated and most wondering what will be the outcome of this season.

The signings of Koscielny, Squillaci and Chamakh were signs that this time Wenger was going to do what he promised. I for one was convinced that we would get a new keeper as a chain is as strong as its weakest link. We did get the chain redone but it has not been bolstered where it was necessary. To challenge for the title in the real sense you need your defence including the keeper to be top notch. You cannot go out there handicapped. We have always dropped points due to defensive errors and mistakes of keepers in the past. Now the players signed look all promising and are a good and necessary addition but big question marks are present on the abilities of our current keepers.

As the transfer window is closed and nothing can be done of our situation, there are two options left for us. First is that we blame Wenger and the club for failing to keep their promise and assume that this season is again going to end with no silver ware and a worst case scenario – us not finishing in the top four. Now this is not going to do us, the team and the club any good and we will be the ones ruing ourselves come May.

The other option and the more feasible one is that we get behind the team and Wenger and support them whatever the outcome it yields. More importantly, as Almunia is going to remain our No 1, we need to cut him some slack. We saw his good performance against Blackburn and we just have to believe that he is going to repeat it week-in and week-out. As for Fabianski, he needs his confidence to be restored and we as supporters can help him. We also need our defence to protect them well as most of the time our defenders are at fault and have let the keepers down.

We should  not get ahead of time. It’s too early to say where we will end this season. The start that we have made is good and I hope we continue with this form. We as fans should always be encouraging no matter what the outcome of the match is. Criticism is ok but it should be constructive not that it brings down the team performance further. So let’s get behind the team and hope for the best.

That’s what I feel, have your say in the comments.

Till next time. keep it gunning!

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